Clayton Hansen - Calgary Studio and Location Photographer

about me

My name is Clayton and I specialize in events, music, and people photography on location and in studio

I am based in Calgary, Alberta. Canada

Calling Calgary my home, I am willing to travel for the right circumstances

  • I am self taught in photography and take pride in delivering professional results

  • My education is in post secondary Multimedia Design & Communications, so on top of photography, I also dabble in graphic design, videography/edit and audio capture/edit as well

  • I use Nikon with all the bells and whistles and have full mobility covered by commercial insurance and liability coverage

I'd like to get to know you a bit more in order to cater to your style. Tell me a bit about yourself on the form of the contact page

Here is a bit about me

  • Every once in a while I do take on creative projects. All work and no play makes Clay a dull boy
  • I enjoy music of all types but am mostly into Indie Rock, Bluegrass, 80s New Wave, Old Country and Electronic music you can move to. I know of a lot of bands you've never heard of okay? haha
  • I really enjoy the fine things in life like craft beer, cooking something creative and delicious, and red wines
  • Old Hollywood, Thriller, Mystery, Thinking and Indie films are my favorite
  • I like to kick back and read a thought provoking novel and love to learn anything educationally new and exciting when I can
  • I try to stay active by swimming laps, riding bicycle, getting out to the great outdoors when I can, and spending quality time with friends and family

Please take a look around, if you like what you see, shoot me a message via my contact page