Clayton Hansen - Hand-painted Signage, Photographer, and Graphic Designer

about me

My name is Clayton

  • I am a self taught photographer & artist taking pride in delivering professional results

I am based in Calgary, Alberta. Canada

Calling Calgary my home, I am willing to travel for the right circumstances

  • My education is in post secondary Multimedia Design & Communications, so on top of photography, I also dabble in graphic design with focus mainly on branding. Another love of mine is Typography both in digital as well as painted format with signage.

I'd like to get to know you a bit more in order to cater to your style whether I am hand-painting you a sign for your home, creating you a logo for your business, or taking photos of your most cared about in your business or your family. Tell me a bit about yourself on the form of the contact page

Here is a bit about me

  • Every once in a while I do take on creative projects. All work and no play makes Clay a dull boy. I like getting messy with sawdust, woodworking in my garage or sitting for hours drawing something very detail oriented.

  • I enjoy music of all types but am mostly into Indie Rock, Bluegrass, 80s New Wave, Old Country and Electronic music you can move to. I know of a lot of bands you've never heard of okay? haha

  • I really enjoy the fine things in life like craft beer, cooking something creative and delicious, and red wines

  • Old Hollywood, Thriller, Mystery, Thinking and Indie films are my favorite

  • I like to kick back and read a thought provoking novel and love to learn anything educationally new and exciting when I can

  • I try to stay active by swimming laps, riding bicycle, getting out to the great outdoors when I can, and spending quality time with friends and family

Please take a look around, if you like what you see, shoot me a message via my contact page